Tools Overview

Overview of EicasLab Tools.

EicasLab is a software suite with a modular structure allowing you to build your personal development environment relying on professional tools specifically conceived to support you in all the phases of the control design, development and testing.

The core is the EicasLab Base, which includes the tools for building your own control algorithm in a simulated environment. Then you can add modules/tools providing further professional functionalities devoted to:

  • Rapid Control Prototyping activity in order to validate in real-time the same control code (Application Software) already tested in “like real-time” simulation;
  • Hardware-in-the-loop and Final Validation Test activities in order to generate the source code and execute it in real-time on the final HW target;
  • specific fields of interest.

Shown below is the list of the overall EicasLab Tools. For each tool, additional information on implemented Key Features and related commercial EicasLab Base and Modules is also provided.

EicasLab Tools

Additional Info



Key Features

EicasLab Base and Modules



EicasLab Manager

Intellectual Property Rights

EicasLab Base


System Modelling and Control Design

Multiprocessor Architecture,
Pre-organised Working Areas

EicasLab Base

Automatic Algorithm Generation

AAG Module

Automatic Code Generation for AS

ACGAS Module

ACG brochure (829.21 kB)

Automatic Code Generation for HW Target


ACG brochure (829.21 kB)

Documentation Management


MultiUser Management

MUM Module

Import Model

IMOD Module


Like Real-Time simulation

Like Real-Time Scheduling

EicasLab Base


Post-Processing Analysis

Post-Processing analysis

EicasLab Base

MPI/CPO Manager


Model Parameters Identification for SIM,
Control Parameter Optimisation for SIM

MPI/CPO Module

Model Parameters Identification for RCP,
Control Parameter Optimisation for RCP

RCP Manager

Rapid Control Prototyping

Real Time Scheduling, Automatic Code Generation for RCP, Rapid Control Prototyping

RCP Module

Slow Motion

Slow Motion View

Real Time Scheduling, Slow Motion

RCP Module

HIL Manager


Real Time Scheduling, Automatic Code Generation for HIL, Hardware-in-the-loop

HIL/FVT Module

TARGET Manager

Final Validation Test

Real Time Scheduling,  Automatic Code Generation for FVT

HIL/FVT Module