Key advantages

No need for deep mathematical knowledge

EicasLab is easy to use and does not require specific know-how on mathematical knowlegde. The Automatic Algorithm Generation facility is especially conceived to support the development of complex computations.

Minimise the time needed to develop the control algorithm

EicasLab provides functionalities and in particular Automatic Algorithm Generation techniques, which reduce the time necessary to develop the control system, when compared to standard control design techniques.

Reduce time and costs of the control design

EicasLab enables to improve the performance of your machine and to reduce the time-to-market, with tangible advantages in terms of costs/benefits.

Design only starting from plant datasheet

With EicasLab the control design is only executed starting from the plant datasheet with guaranteed performance.

No set-up in field

EicasLab offers the functionality to tune and asses the control performance, without the need of any set-up in field.

Larger freedom for the designer

With the support of EicasLab the designer is allowed to focus on engineering aspects of the project, like the sensor and actuator selection, the system architecture design etc.

Increase performance also in complex control cases

The innovative technology of EicasLab provides better performance than the one reached by using traditional control techniques.