System Design

MultiUser Management

Multi-user programming of  EicasLab projects

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MultiUser Management allows more users to work on a same EicasLab project by creating a working group - composed by one superuser and by normal users – associated to the project.

MultiUser Management Highlights

  • Multi-user programming of  EicasLab projects
  • Instant message interface

The superuser is the responsible of the project and configures the project layouts and blocks.  He assigns the development of each part of the project to a single user.

MultiUser Management requires the availability of a common SQL database (e.g PostgresSQL). Each user can develop his part of project :

  1. working connected to the SQL database (online mode);
  2. working ‘standalone’ (offline mode).

 For merging their work the users must work online.

MultiUser Management also provides the users with a user friendly instant message interface for exchanging messages and files with each other.