One Suite, One Project for All Design Phases

The whole control design within a single software

EicasLab software suite covers all the phases of the control design process: from system concept to generation of the code to be transferred in the final target.

For each phase, specific operative modes and specific tools are available in order to provide the best support to the designer.

One Suite, One Project for All Design Phases Highlights

  • All design phases managed by:
    • One software suite
    • One project
    • One standard PC
  • Fast switch among design phases
  • Cost and effort saving

Working with a single EicasLab project and using a single suite the designer is driven step-by-step in the whole control design process, with specific professional support for the following three phases of work:

  • Modelling and Like Real-time Simulation;
  • Rapid Control Prototyping;
  • Code generation for the final target.

All the design phases can be covered using the same standard commercial PC (which can be a laptop or a desktop PC) suitable configured. We call such a PC the EicasLab RCP Platform.

Working with one project and one suite using a single standard commercial PC allows to save cost by avoiding the annoyance of using different development environments and hardware boxes for developing and tuning on field the control software.