EicasLab Demo RT-PC

Validate the rotating table control in real-time on your PC

The EicasLab Demo RT-PC was developed to allow you to test the real-time operative modes of EicasLab (RCP, HIL and FVT) without the need for any hardware than your PC: both the plant to be controlled and the final hardware controller are emulated by software on your personal computer.

In this demo you can move across all the operative modes from Modelling and Like Real-time Simulation to Final Validation Test on target, and run them by yourself with minimal effort and without spending money neither for hardware nor for software.

The demo highlights two key features of EicasLab:

  • the easy real-time development support,
  • one suite and one project for all the design phases.

Download the software

In order to get real-time performance, you need to enable the RT configuration of your Linux operative system as described in the user manual of the demo. Anyway this demo could be executed with worse performances also using non-RT Linux on modern PC. If you have any further questions about requirements and installation issues, please contact us.

If you are a Windows user you can see the demo working on the webinar from the documentation section at the bottom of the page.

Linux version


  • Laptop or desktop PC
    • Hardware requirements
      • Dual core CPU
      • 1 GB RAM
      • 1 GB disk space
  • Software requirements
    • GNU/Linux operative system (tested on Fedora 22)
    • PREEMPT_RT kernel configuration (recommended)

NOTA BENE: EicasLab Demo was compiled for 32-bit Operating System. Running it on 64-bit architectures might require the installation of 32-bit libraries. In case of problems in finding the correct libraries please contact us.


EicasLab Demo RT-PC installer for Linux

RT-PC Demo - You need to login to download this object.


RT-PC Demo User Manual (2.67 MB)
RT-PC Demo Slides (2.99 MB)