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Control Parameters Optimization

Smart and fast procedures for Control Parameter Optimisation

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EicasLab offers a professional support and advanced features to address the overall control parameter optimisation process.

The Control Parameter Optimisation (CPO) advanced feature is managed in EicasLab by the MPI/CPO Manager tool available in the MPI/CPO module.

The Control Parameter Optimisation allows to perform the control parameter tuning in:

Control Parameters Optimization Highlights

  • Optimisation of control algorithm parameters for guaranteed performance
  • Original and powerful numerical algorithm for minimisation
  • Very fast computing time for large number of  parameters
  • Easy and fast configuration

The CPO process is performed by a powerful numerical algorithm, originally developed by EICAS, which allows in a very reasonable computing time to get the optimum value of a large number of parameters (it has been already used to optimise the control system with up to about 100 parameters).

The functionality is based on a cost function defined by the user. The MPI/CPO Manager tool executes the control system developed by the user in an iterative way and modifies the value of the parameters to be optimised in order to minimise the value of the cost function.