EicasLab Base

EicasLab base is the core of the EicasLab suite and it represents a prerequisite for all the EicasLab modules, both general purpose and customised.

EicasLab base provides all the basic features of the EicasLab software suite and allows programming, simulating and post-processing your control system projects. With EicasLab base you are able to carry out most of the activities related to the first phase of the design process oriented to modelling and simulation.

EicasLab base collects the main following tools EicasLab tools:

  • the MASTER tool, able to manage all the programming, performing and post-processing design phases;
  • the SIMBUILDER tool, that allows the fine model construction and the control algorithm design;
  • the SIM tool, that performs the simulation of the whole system;
  • the POST tool, that allows the off-line analysis of the simulation trial results.

With EicasLab base you can implement the fine model of your plant and your control algorithm by using both a block diagram representation (Graphical mode) and a structure of files written in ANSI C language (ANSI C mode). EicasLab base complies with different hardware and software architectures including multi-processor and multi-level hierarchical control. The scheduling of each processor and each control function can be fully customised.