Target Tuning

HIL Manager

HIL manager is the EicasLab tool specifically conceived to manage the Hardware-in-the-loop tests.

The HIL Manager tool is available in the HIL/FVT module.

The control algorithms run on the final target suitable connected with the EicasLab RCP platform, in which the simulated plant is executed. The overall trial is managed through the EicasLab HIL Manager tool running on the EicasLab RCP platform. During the Hardware-in-the-loop execution, data can be visualized on the HIL Manager tool GUI and they can also be recorded on the disk for a further post processing analysis.

HIL Manager Highlights

  • Enable Hardware‐in‐the‐loop process
  • Real-time scheduling of user control software code (AS) and software code managing HW interfaces (BS) using powerful multi‐threading and multi‐core programming techniques
  • Real-time data recording


The Hardware-in-the-loop is the EicasLab operative sub-mode that allows you to predispose any testing scenario which can be useful for testing and validating your application.

For performing Hardware-in-the-loop activity the user switches the EicasLab project to Hardware-in-the-loop operative sub-mode. The first time the switch is done the System Layout of SIMBUILDER provides – as a default – the scenario shown in figure suitable for performing the HIL activity.

In such a configuration the control application works in real-time in the hardware target, whereas the real plant is simulated in real-time in the EicasLab RCP Platform. During the Hardware-in-the-loop activities, the HIL Manager tool running on the EicasLab RCP Platform can record all the data received from the HW target (e.g. the commands sent to the plant), including those useful for monitoring purpose.

In Hardware-in-the-loop operative sub-mode the Assisted Compiling Process, run by the user through the MASTER tool, automatically generates the real-time code for performing the Hardware-in-the-loop activity by calling:

The HIL Manager tool allows to manage the overall Hardware-in-the-loop process, to verify in real-time the control performance thanks to the direct feedback provided by the HIL Manager GUI and to record the trial results for further post-processing analysis.