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MASTER is the Manager specifically conceived to manage the overall EicasLab tools.

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The MASTER tool is available in the EicasLab base.

It is is the core of the EicasLab suite that manages the EicasLab base and all the EicasLab modules.

MASTER allows to manage the EicasLab projects and runs, for each control design phase, suitable and powerful software tools necessary to develop, test and validate the overall control algorithms.


By means of the Project Manager, the MASTER tool allows to perform the general operations on the EicasLab projects such as creating, opening, saving and removing them.

Moreover, the MASTER tool automatically traces the project history by recording a set of general information such as the name of its author, its creation time and its last access time. Besides, for each project, the user can create a report containing any information related to the project itself in order to trace all the relevant changes applied, for allowing a fast recovery of a validated previous version of a project.

MASTER Highlights

  • Full management of the powerful tools and features provided by EicasLab
  • Advanced EicasLab Project Manager tool
  • Data sharing and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection
  • Fully assisted compiling process


EicasLab is a multi-user environment that allows an easy and friendly data and project sharing among EicasLab users. Data sharing sometimes implies the need of protecting some parts of project for guaranteeing the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the users that developed them.

Data and project sharing in EicasLab may be performed through the MASTER tool that always guarantees the data and the IPRs protection. In fact it is possible to create project archives protected with a password and/or sharing parts of projects with suitable restrictions. The highest restriction level allows other users to know only the inputs and outputs of the protected parts. In this way every user has enough information to develop its part, always having a guaranteed IPR.


EicasLab drives you step-by-step along all the control design phases, starting from modelling and simulation, moving to the rapid control prototyping, ending to the automatic code generation for the final target, the hardware-in-the-loop and the on field final validation tests. For this purpose, EicasLab provides three specific operative modes:

  • Modelling and Like Real-time Simulation, where the user shall implement the model of the real system in the EicasLab simulation environment, conceived as a pre-organized and structured environment that provides tools specifically studied for supporting and guiding the user within the overall control development.
  • Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP), where the engineer tests and iterates its control strategies on a single PC (EicasLab RCP platform), equipped with a real-time operating system and input/output devices. The plant under control is real and the control strategy is executed in real-time directly in the RCP platform where EicasLab offers data recording capabilities for tuning and debugging purposes.
  • Target, where the control code developed in the previous phases is generated for the final hardware target.
MASTER window

MASTER runs specific tools for managing the different control design phases:

  • SIMBUILDER, which helps the user in developing control algorithms and configuring the simulation environment for testing the designed control system.
  • SIM, which enables like real-time simulations of the EicasLab project and allows the evaluation of the achieved performance.
  • MPI/CPO Manager, which provides model parameter identification and control parameter optimisation features for control system design.
  • POST, which allows the offline analysis of the trials results.
  • RCP Manager, which manages the EicasLab Rapid Control Prototyping process.
  • Slow Motion, which allows to repeat offline the experimental trials with the capability to debug step-by-step the same code that worked on field.
  • HIL Manager, which manages the hardware-in-the-loop process.
  • Target Manager, which manages the on field validation test process.


Run SIMBUILDER for project design

For designing the control system, MASTER runs SIMBUILDER that is the tool where the user may implement the accurate model of the plant, design the control architecture, develop the control algorithms and set the scheduling constraints of all the activities. The possibility of setting the scheduling for each activity is one of the most innovative aspects provided by EicasLab, since it allows managing complex systems based on multi-processor and multi-hierarchical control architectures.

Run the Assisted Compiling Process

MASTER integrates a specific tool that provides an Assisted Compiling Process, that carries out the following three steps:

  1. automatic code generation of software functions (including user code and EicasLab management code) necessary for creating an executable file, starting from the project designed in SIMBUILDER. Such an executable file will be then automatically loaded when the user runs one of the EicasLab tool managing like real-time simulations and real-time experimental trials execution: SIM, RCP Manager, Slow Motion, HIL Manager and Target Manager;
  2. generation of the makefile for compiling process;
  3. compiling process, that provides full support to the user by reporting the messages displayed by the compiler.

MASTER runs the compiler selected by the user and displays a compiling report including the list of errors and warnings found in the user ANSI C code. Furthermore MASTER provides a Project Warning Window showing the inconsistencies in the graphical model implemented in the SIMBUILDER (e.g. missing connections between blocks). In this way, the user has at disposal all the information to easily find and quickly solve any raising problem. At the successfully completion of the compiling process the executable file (related to the tool specific of the operative mode as mentioned above) is created and it is ready for being run by one of the EicasLab tool run by the MASTER tool devoted to manage like real-time simulations and real-time experimental trials execution.

Run SIM for project simulation

For verifying in simulation the performance of the system designed in SIMBUILDER, MASTER runs the SIM tool that performs the simulation of the overall designed project components. As above described, SIM automatically loads the executable file (including user code and EicasLab management code) automatically generated by the Assisted Compiling Process in Modelling and Like Real-Time operative mode.

Debug SIM

The MASTER tool allows to run SIM controlled by the debugger preferred by the user, in order to debug the overall source code and easily solve bugs.

Run MPI/CPO model parameter identification and parameter control optimisation

When the MPI/CPO module is enabled and the user is working in Modelling and Like Real-Time operative mode, MASTER runs SIM integrated with the MPI/CPO tool that allows running a smart procedure for identifying the parameters of the plant model and/or optimising the control parameters.

When the MPI/CPO module and RCP module are both enabled and the user is working in RCP on field operative sub-mode, MASTER runs RCP Manager tool integrated with the MPI/CPO tool that allows running a smart procedure for identifying in real-time the parameters of the plant model and/or optimising in real-time the control parameters. If the user is working in Slow Motion operative sub-mode, MASTER runs Slow Motion tool integrated with the MPI/CPO tool that allows running a smart procedure for identifying the parameters of the plant model on the basis of the data recorded by the RCP Manager tool during the experimental trials.

Run POST for post-processing analysis

MASTER runs the POST tool specifically conceived for performing the post-processing analysis of the data recorded during the like real-time simulations and the experimental trials execution.

Run RCP Manager for Rapid Control Prototyping on field

In RCP on field operative sub-mode, available if the RCP module is active, MASTER runs the  RCP Manager tool, which is the powerful tool that allows to carry out the RCP on field activity, that is a very important and strategic control design phase for testing and iterating the control strategies.

Run Slow Motion for repeating offline the trials performed on field

In Slow Motion operative sub-mode, available if the RCP module is active, MASTER runs the Slow Motion tool, which is the powerful tool that allows to carry out, step-by-step and variable by variable, the analysis of the control software performance run during the experimental trials performed with the actual plant. The user can repeat offline the experimental trials and then debug the same code that ran in field.

Run the Hardware-in-the-loop

In HIL operative sub-mode, available if the HIL/FVT module is active, MASTER runs the HIL Manger tool, which is the powerful tool that allows to carry out Hardware-in-the-loop activity, where the control algorithms run on the final target suitable connected with the EicasLab RCP platform, in which the simulated plant is executed. The overall process is managed by the HIL Manager tool that provides in real-time direct visual feedback and data recording capabilities.

Run the on field Final Validation Test

In FVT operative sub-mode, available if the HIL/FVT module is active, MASTER runs the Target Manager tool, which is the powerful tool that allows to carry out final validation tests, where the target hardware is programmed with the generated code and it commands the real plant. If needed, the EicasLab RCP platform can be suitable connected to the target as host PC for monitoring system.