System Design

Multiprocessor Architecture

Smart management of multi-processors and multi-level hierarchical controls

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EicasLab complies with different hardware and software architectures, including multi-processors and multi-level hierarchical controls.

EicasLab offers a professional approach to the control system design, giving special attention to the control hardware and software architecture, where multi-processor and multi-level hierarchical controls are considered. The control software is subdivided into control functions allocated by the designer to the different processors. Each control function has its own real-time scheduling configuration consisting in giving sampling frequency and a time window for its execution in order to enable "like-real time executions" (in Modelling and Like Real-Time Simulation operative mode) and "real time executions" (in RCP on field, Hardware-in-the-loop and Final Validation Test operative sub-modes).

Multiprocessor Architecture Highlights

  • Special attention to control hardware and software architecture from modelling and simulation phase
  • Design of multi-processor architecture
  • Design of multi-level hierarchical controls

Data are exchanged among the control functions allocated to the same processor and among the different processors belonging to the plant control system, by considering the delay time in the data transmission.

The Multiprocessor Architecture key feature is provided by the EicasLab SIMBUILDER tool.