RCP module

Prerequisites: EicasLab base, ACGAS module

The RCP module is an add-on of the MASTER tool that enables the whole Rapid Control Prototyping operative mode, including three operative sub-modes, for managing the overall Rapid Control Prototyping process.

The module integrates the EicasLab suite with the following tools:

Specifically, in RCP on field operative sub-mode, the RCP module allows:

  • to configure and manage the interfaces of the PC platform, offering fully customisable libraries of built-in interfaces and protocols;
  • to configure the real-time scheduling of the overall control activities;
  • to generate, through the ACG for RCP feature, the complementary ANSI-C source code (Basic Software, BS) that, together with the Application Software (AS) generated by the ACGAS module, provides a Multi-core and Multi-threading real-time application able to perform a complete RCP test by using a standard PC with a Linux Real-Time Operative System (EicasLab RCP platform) directly connected to the plant to be controlled.
  • to execute in real-time the RCP trial through the RCP Manger tool.