Post Processing

Post processing Analysis

Data visualisation and analysis during and after simulation and experimental trials

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In order to evaluate the control performance and to understand if your control system works correctly, it is necessary a smart data processing that allows a deep offline analysis of the dynamic behaviour of the overall control variables. In EicasLab the post processing analysis feature is covered by the POST tool.

EicasLab provides professional post-analysis support both during and after a simulated or experimental trial execution. In fact the POST tool may be kept open during all the trials executions and, with the special revert function, the user can command an updating of data and a refreshing of the plotting areas.

Post processing Analysis Highlights

  • Accurate post-processing analysis of data recorded in like real-time simulation and real-time experimental trials
  • Mathematical & Statistical  functions for advanced computation
  • Tools for professional report preparation

Post processing analysis provides a set of built-in mathematical (addition, product, inverse, sine, cosine, exponential and much more) and statistical computations on the variables selected by the user.

As an additional feature, the results of the post processing analysis can be collected for preparing customisable professional technical reports.