Control Tuning

Slow Motion

Advanced debug & tuning through EicasLab professional moviola technique

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Typically, during the execution of an experimental trial, only a limited number of variables of your control system may be monitored or accessible.

The Slow Motion technique is an advanced feature offered in the Rapid Control Prototyping operative mode that allows, step-by-step and variable by variable, the analysis of the real-time control software run during the experimental trials carried out on the actual plant.

During the execution of a Rapid Control Prototyping experimental trial, it is possible to require the activation of the Slow Motion Recording function, able to automatically record on the PC disk all the plant I/O and the host commands data sent to the controller, to be then processed with the Slow Motion tool.

Slow Motion Highlights

  • Offline repetition of experimental trials like a “Moviola”
  • Step-by-step and variable-by-variable analysis of control software
  • Advanced debugging  and tuning of the same control code executed on field

The Slow Motion feature is performed in Slow Motion operative sub-mode by means of the Slow Motion tool.

Starting from the recorded data, the Slow Motion works like a “Moviola” and it is able to:

  • process the plant I/O and the host commands data, recorded during the experimental trials (f.i. during the RCP process);
  • run the same control code executed on field, allowing the analysis and debug (step-by-step and variable-by-variable) of the control software performance.