Control Design

Automatic Algorithm Generation

Automatic generation of control algorithms and code

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The Automatic Algorithm Generation (AAG) is the EicasLab advanced feature, available in the AAG module, specifically oriented to design the control according to the EICAS control design methodology. The EICAS methodology gives a specific relevance to the plant state observer - the task of which may be extended to estimate and to predict the disturbance acting on the plant - and to the reference generator, used for computing the open-loop action.

Automatic Algorithm Generation Highlights

  • Automatic Algorithm Generation based on the EICAS methodology
  • Three control basic schemes
  • Command composed of three control actions:
    • open loop action
    • plant disturbance compensation
    • closed loop action

The control is performed as sum of three actions:

  • the open loop action, which is given by the commands necessary to track the reference signals computed on the basis of the plant simplified model;
  • the plant disturbance compensation, which is computed on the basis of the disturbance predicted by the plant state observer;
  • the closed loop action, which is computed as the action necessary to correct the plant state error with respect to the reference

The plant disturbance compensation is an original control feature, which allows to reduce significantly the control error.

The designer can choose among three control basic schemes and for each one he has the option of selecting control algorithms at different levels of complexity.

Starting from the control system requirements and from a simplified model of the plant to be controlled, AAG automatically generates the whole control algorithm.