Introduction to EicasLab

This webinar introduces the software and gives to the user a wide look over all tools and functionalities provided by EicasLab.

PDF presentation: EicasLab Overview (5.41 MB)

Are you interested in a specific topic covered by the webinar? For your convenience, it has been subdivided into the following parts:

  1. EicasLab in a nutshell (02m:20s)
  2. EicasLab Tools overview (02m:57s)
  3. SIMBUILDER Tool for system modelling and control design (06m:02s)
  4. SIM Tool for Like Real-Time Simulation (00m:55s)
  5. POST Tool for Data Post-processing (00m:19s)
  6. Rapid Control Prototyping (05m:12s)
  7. Hardware-In-the-Loop (00m:54s)
  8. Final Validation Tests (00m:37s)
  9. Model Parameter Identification and Control Parameter Optimisation (01m:57s)
  10. Automatic Code Generation (01m:32s)
  11. Business Benefits (00m:36s)

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