Graphical Programming in EicasLab

This webinar explains how much it is easy and friendly to program in graphical mode in EicasLab. Tools and integrated library modules available in EicasLab are shown together with an explanation on how managing workspace and layout for a graphical coding of your control structure. Attention is given on the possibility to mix the graphical programming mode with others (like for instance the ANSI C and the AAG mode), to provide you wide flexibility and support in the design phase.

PDF presentation: Graphical Programming (2.41 MB)

Are you interested in a specific topic covered by the webinar? For your convenience, it has been subdivided into the following parts:

  • Introduction on how to graphically program in EicasLab (4m:52s)
  • Concept of graphical layout and related library (1m:18s)
  • Description of the available layouts in EicasLab (12m:19s)
  • Description of some relevant blocks and menus (14m:03s)
  • Concept and use of WorkSpace (5m:11s)
  • Concept and use of user macros (19m:58s)

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