PiSA project: RCP

EicasLab Rapid Control Prototyping in PiSA project

This webinar illustrates an application of the Rapid Control Prototyping module and its features within the European project PiSA. PiSA is an integrated project of the Sixth Framework Programme that involves many RTD and industrial partners along all the Europe. The project focuses on studying suitable and safe solutions for allowing the human-robot cooperation in conditions both of Work Place Sharing and of Time Sharing. Specifically, the main PiSA project objective is to combine human flexibility, intelligence and skills with the advantages of sophisticated technical systems that can help and support the workers during the production phases.

PDF presentation: PiSA Project (3.70 MB)

Are you interested in a specific topic covered by the webinar? For your convenience, it has been subdivided into the following parts:

  • A safety critical application for human safeguarding in a time sharing environment with a dual arm robot (13m:10s)
  • A practical demonstration (7m:08s)

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